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An Interview With: Ana Ivanovic

Monday, August 31, 2015

Q. Could you just talk about the match and how it went from your perspective.

ANA IVANOVIC: It was a very tough matchup, I thought, especially for the first round. I actually started well, you know. I felt she was a little bit nervous in the first few games, but then she really started to strike the ball very, very deep. Especially off her backhand I thought she got a lot more on the ball than I managed to do. I managed to fight back in the second set, and in the third set again. You know, I felt like it was so close, created chances, but I always felt she came up with the good shots. She was playing very, very deep and through the middle a lot. So, yeah, few times I was getting caught.

Q. How would you categorize your season? You have had some really good results and you have had some disappointing surprise results. Has it been a bit of an up and down for you?

ANA IVANOVIC: Yeah, very much so. It's definitely very disappointing also today's loss, because I felt like I did a lot of hard work over last few months. Over last week, you know, I had great preparation, lots of good training and everything. You know, it was just unfortunate that, you know, we came up against one another so early in a tournament.

Q. How was the reunion with Nigel Sears been?

ANA IVANOVIC: It's been great. It's been a little bit unfortunate that last two weeks, through Toronto and Cincinnati, he couldn't be here, so this week I really felt that we did a lot of good work. You know, that's why it's been a little bit disappointing, because I felt like, you know, once I could get going it could really be good things. But I just have to keep working.

Q. Could you tell us about your foot, your left foot you had re-taped.

ANA IVANOVIC: Yeah, I have blisters. It's been a little bit hard. I had blisters on both feet, so a little bit.

Q. Did playing on Ashe feel any different with the new roof structure?

ANA IVANOVIC: Yeah, it definitely felt -- obviously was less windy and it felt more like sort of like, yeah, indoor a little bit. I actually practiced on there the other day when it was sunny and the shadows were a little bit strange. I don't think there is as much sun. But it was really nice to play. You know, the conditions were perfect.

Q. What were your expectations coming in? You have had an up-and-down year. Do you feel like you were on the upswing? Were you feeling confident coming into the tournament?

ANA IVANOVIC: Yeah, definitely. I really felt like I had been improving. Last week I saw a huge improvement in my game, you know, overall; my serve was really good today, I felt. You know, that's why it's so disappointing, because it was very tough first match I think for both of us. First match of the tournament, as well. So it's not easy, but today I felt like she used her opportunities better than I did.

Q. Do you think you could still compete at a high level?

ANA IVANOVIC: That's why I'm still here, because I do think so. That's my goal.

Q. It's been like seven years since your last major win. You had a good result in the French Open. Do you think that's something you could...

ANA IVANOVIC: Well, you know, it's just hard work. You know, in French Open that's what happened. You know, going into tournament I wasn't in bad shape. I really felt like I was in much better shape this time around, but sometimes it's not how it works out. You just have to keep at it and keep working and keep pushing.