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An Interview With: Heather Watson

Monday, August 31, 2015

Q. Hard to explain that you have had such a struggle here ever since you won the juniors. Figure out why that's been?

HEATHER WATSON: No, not really. It wasn't really -- I don't know, to be honest. I have had some close matches, and it just hasn't gone my way.

Q. Physically everything okay today? Looked like you were struggling out there.

HEATHER WATSON: Yeah, I found it quite hot today. I felt fine before the match. I was hydrated. I had been drinking a lot the days before and eating the right things and got an early night and I slept fine. But maybe it was just a mix of tension and some long rallies mixed together. Yeah. I didn't feel -- I was sweating a lot. I don't know.

Q. I know you don't like excuses, but you looked to be troubled with your wrist after a couple of points. Was that an issue?

HEATHER WATSON: I think that I was cramping a little bit in my hand, and then when I moved to the other side of the court I started cramping in my legs. You know, I'm fit coming into the tournament. It's not that I'm not fit. Like I said, I think it was just a mix of the tension and I was playing, you know, a bit of the stress and everything together. I was just -- yeah, and the heat, just all together.

Q. Did you feel particularly nervous or tense today bearing in mind today's draw?

HEATHER WATSON: Yeah, I was thinking a lot about this match, thinking that it was a big opportunity, and thinking about the previous years and my results here. So I think that maybe I thought about that maybe a bit too much.

Q. In terms of the way the match went, did you feel you executed your game plan or did you get away from it?

HEATHER WATSON: I thought she had a few ups and downs with her serve. I think one game she hit three double faults, but then she hit a lot of aces, as well, which I was surprised at. On the important points, I mean, when it came down to it in the tiebreak, she played a lot better than I did. She made her first serves and I didn't; went for it and hit some lines and I didn't. That's what it came down to. Tiebreaks at the end of the set are crucial, and I didn't perform.

Q. You have often talked recently about the importance of trying to be more aggressive, more positive, getting in to the net. First set in particular you seemed hardly to get into the net. Was that a tactic?

HEATHER WATSON: Yeah, definitely. It wasn't a tactic. I should have come into the net a lot more than I did. I think that goes back to playing a bit tense and defensive. And then in the second set I started to come in more. I think I won most of the points. I did come to the net, and I should have done it more. It's easy looking back now and saying I could have done it there, but, yeah, I didn't execute my game plan the way I wanted to.

Q. Rest of the season what's the plan?

HEATHER WATSON: So I've got doubles here, and then after that I am headed back to London for a bit. Then off to Asia. I think I'm going to do four weeks in Asia. So just keep fit and healthy and try and make the most of this Asia trip. I feel like I've got a lot to gain there. I didn't do so well last year, so I'm not pretty much defending anything at all. I want to keep my ranking up, thinking ahead to the Olympics.