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An Interview With: Stan Wawrinka

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Q. How did you feel about your performance? A little up and down.

STAN WAWRINKA: Yeah, little bit up and down. In general was good match. Is always tough to play, never easy, especially first round. You need to get through those matches. I'm happy to get through in three sets. I think my level is there. Physically I feel good. I'm ready for the rest.

Q. How was the temperature, the humidity out there? A large number of players retiring, 10 men. Did it feel difficult to breathe? Tough conditions?

STAN WAWRINKA: I played late. I start at 5:00, so it's not that hot for me. Just humid. That's it. Nothing special. Maybe I'm lucky to play that late and not during the day with the sun. I think, apart the fact it's really humid, it was not a big deal for me tonight.

Q. Are you surprised to see at all how many people...

STAN WAWRINKA: For sure it's surprising to see so many player pull out. If it's only because of the hot, the humidity. Some players were injured before. Some players were injured during. For sure it was hot today when I practice at 4:00, or 3:40. It was hot. You need to be ready physically for that.

Q. The number of injuries at the end of this hard court season. Seems there are more people that come to the US Open not really in the best shape.

STAN WAWRINKA: Yeah, maybe if they're not really at the best, it's tough. It's tough to start a Grand Slam when you're not ready physically. If you're injury, for sure, you're not going to stay here long in New York. But some year is like that.

Q. Do you think there are more players now than a couple years ago that are injured? Seems like the number increases every year.

STAN WAWRINKA: Yeah, I don't know if it's increase every year. I don't know all the number. I don't know. I have no idea about the reason, that's for sure.

Q. Talk a little bit about the next round, your next opponent.

STAN WAWRINKA: Who am I playing?

Q. Chung.

STAN WAWRINKA: I don't know him.

Q. Nothing?

STAN WAWRINKA: No. Honestly, I saw him playing. I saw the score. I saw him playing good match, beating some good player. He beat my friend Paire last week, for example. So I know his result. I know his ranking, what he did this year. Never had a chance to see him play live or on TV. My coach did few times this year, so I'm going to talk with him.

Q. What do you think about the ESPN initiative, mid-match interview with a player? Would you have agreed to do that today, for example?

STAN WAWRINKA: They asked me in Cincinnati if it was something good to do, if I was a player who will accept that or no. I don't think it's something that I want to do. I also told them. I don't think there is many things to say during a match. First, his coach can listen what you going to say. You don't want to talk exactly what's going on except talking about the sun and the crowd. There is not much to say really. You don't want to get through those match, and it's not something that I will do.

Q. Nick is out there now playing against Andy. A lot of attention on him after what happened in your match. What did you think of the ATP's investigation, their provisional penalty, if over the next six months he has more problems he could face an additional fine and suspension.

STAN WAWRINKA: I don't think much, honestly. We all know what happened. We all know what's happened the few days after. Had to let the ATP decide what they want to do with him and what they did. They took a decision, and that's it. You know, I don't care much about that anymore. I know he's playing tonight. I know he's playing Andy Murray. It's a good match to watch. He's playing good tennis. Do I'm going to watch? Maybe if I have time. Not because it's him, because I watched yesterday night also because I love tennis. I don't really care anymore.