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An Interview With: Sara Errani (Round 2)

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Q. Talk about the match. Are you content with the way you played?

SARA ERRANI: Yeah, really tough match for me already this morning I woke up feeling bad so was not easy. I warm up, was a lot of headache and like fever and this thing. So just try to stay there. In the second set she start to make some mistakes the first game, and I just continue and try to stay there. I mean, feeling bad, but just try to fight.

Q. Is it flu or any kind of diagnosis?

SARA ERRANI: Yeah, it's everything. The air condition here is very dangerous. So I don't know, cough. I don't know how you say, headache and this normal thing. Not too bad, but to play, not too much energy.

Q. Just talk about Sam is playing well. That will be a tough matchup in the next round. Talk about that.

SARA ERRANI: Yeah, I hope to recover good. Yes, of course really tough. Sam here is always playing very good, so it would be tough, for sure.